Frequently Asked Questions

In such a case, diving depends on the degree of visual impairment. If you can see 3-5 meter distance easily without glasses then you can dive. However, it is not possible to dive if you lose sight totally when you take off your glasses. We should not forget the fact that with diving masks, objects in underwater seem closer and bigger than they actually do.
As you have to wear diving mask, you cannot dive with glasses.
You can dive with contact lens.
Depending on parental permission minimum diving age limit is 10. (International PADI rule)
Yes, accompanying persons, who will not dive, can come with the diving customers. (Extra charge)
Accompanying guests can get equipment for Schnorkel in our boat. Renting Schnorkel equipment is charged (extra).
Diving points are around the historical Alanya Castle ranging to 13 different points. The caves, tunnels, lagans and rocky parts in these points enable you to enjoy the underwater heritage to the full. Types of diving and diving points planned for the day change depending on your certificate, number of your total diving and diving experience. There aren’t special days specified for certain diving types. Every morning, after groups are divided diving points are determined depending on weather conditions and divers’ levels. Therefore, it is quite difficult to plan 1 day before to dive in a certain point. Of course, if weather conditions and divers’ level conditions are appropriate, diving points can be determined on the divers’ request.
PADI-SSI OPEN WATER DIVER & CMAS * 4 days PADI-SSI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER & CMAS** 3 days / (Open Water license is required to be able to attend to Advanced Open Water course)
Diving points are around the historical Alanya Castle ranging to 13 different points.
Tour ticket, Towel, Swimwear, Money for the extras.
Usually oven roasted chicken, pasta and salad. The lunch menu is included in the tour price.
Drinks are not included in the price. Extra charge.
In the boat, downstairs is completely and the half of the upstairs is shadowy. There are lavatory, wc and fresh water shower system in each boat.
Serious and chronic heart diseases, epilepsy, burst eardrum, otitis media, tuberculosis, vascular disorder, bleeding and pregnancy.
No, it is strictly forbidden for pregnant people to dive, even in their early pregnancy.
Depending on the performance of divers in underwater, it takes between 20 and 25 minutes for the first time divers. Divers with license can stay underwater up to 60 minutes depending on the diving type and depth.
Yes, you can bring if you have your own equipment.
In our divings 12 liter steel tanks filled with 220 bar are used.
Our governor retainer adaptors are suitable for both DIN and INT connector systems.
It is not compulsory for the test divings, however it is compulsory for certificate/license programs.